Each year, Dubai Design week includes a diverse range of installations that captivate and inspire visitors.

Installations are a key feature of Dubai Design Week, bringing together designers, architects, brands and creatives from around the globe to demonstrate the power of imagination and innovation in the field of design.

Staged across Dubai Design District (d3) during the six-day festival, was a curated range of outdoor installations and interventions transform public spaces into immersive experiences.


This year’s Dubai Design Week featured over 32+ installations with a focus on how design, science and technology can converge to reclaim materials of our past, as well as reimagined new forms that foster sustainable practices.

Installations included:

Abwab: Of Palm by Abdalla Almulla

Urban Commissions: Designest by Ahmad Alkattan

Cycle by Sibyl Design Studio

Arabi-an Tea House by Mitsubishi Jisho Design

Blessing of Iridescence by Sara Al Rayyes

Prismatic Dreamscape by Vertical Design

Pulp Fractions by TEE VEE EFF

Urban Hadeera by waiwai

THE BIG CHALLENGE by Iris Ceramica

Refugee Pavillion by Better Shelter x UNHCR

Naseej by Alzaina Lootah & Sahil Rattha Singh

Flowing Threads by Areen

The Future Will Be Sown by Made In Earth

Eco Sand Wall by University of Sharjah

Altostrata – Therme Pavilion by Mamou Mani x Fab.Pub

Lurking Questions by Team Nori X Incubis Consultants

Body-Space Nexus by Heriot Watt University

The Reality Check by Kapil Bhimekar

Trouble by Jade Bailey & Oliver Hamedinger

North Star by in5 Dubai

Breeze Houses by Alya Ola Abbas

Circles of Trust by Moey Studio

Edge Morph by Edge Architects

The Sustainability Dome by 3Distica

The Code by Kart Group

Geo Stacking Rocks by Klug Toys & MGM Interiors

Ring of Life by Shabir Mir

Floating Tekas by Hosue of Piranesi

Shaking Sanctuary by nngg Studio

Peaceful Perspective by Aya Charife

Epoch by Kushagra Sharma & Vedika Kushalappa