'Breeze Houses' artfully embodies the iconic Al-Barjeel Tower, inviting visitors to experience its gentle breeze, while incorporating translucent curtains mirroring the wind's movement, and audio recordings to capture the essence of Emirate heritage, celebrating the fusion of architecture, nature, and human stories.

"Breeze Houses" embodies the iconic Al-Barjeel Tower, a distinctive architectural feature of heritage homes in the United Arab Emirates, capturing its essence as a symbol of heritage and sustainability, gracefully rising to allow visitors to step inside and experience the gentle breeze, celebrating the synergy between architecture and nature.

The installation incorporates translucent blue curtains, mirroring the wind's intricate dance as it enters the barjeel, portraying the refreshing and graceful movement of the breeze. To enhance the immersive experience, audio recordings of conversations and narratives from Emirate families are included, painting a vivid picture of the barjeel's role in cooling homes, providing gathering spaces, and preserving cherished memories.

The voices of residents, the whispers of the wind, the gentle cooing of doves, and the ambient sounds of neighboring alleys converge to create a symphony that transports visitors to the heart of traditional Emirate dwellings. ‘Breeze Houses’ stands as a tribute to cultural heritage, intertwining architecture, nature, and human stories into an immersive masterpiece that celebrates the rich tapestry of Emirate life and traditions.