in5 reveals for the very first time at Dubai Design Week the region's largest 3D printed exhibition stand "The North Star"

Reflecting on their role and commitment to startups, the design and concept has also been designed and built by one of in5's most aspiring startups; Nyxo Studios.

North Star is a synthesis of the four souls of In5: Media, Tech, Design, and Science.

They are represented by an infinite loop generating four spaces in the plan. This loop organizes the movements of the surfaces that make the pavilion. These surfaces join and fold together, to supple the spaces, creating pockets, connecting and reconnecting them, to signify what In5 is doing as a start-up incubator.

The walls of this installation is 3D printed using recycled PETG, promoting the use of recycling technologies for architecture. The surface is characterized by a series of flutes making a vertical pattern across the surface that structurally reinforces and emphasizes its geometry, interpolating sections of different sizes and shapes. The interior side of the walls is differentiated from the exterior by the presence of a series of structural Ribs as an extension of the pattern in needed moments. These ribs make possible the connections between the different parts.

The walls are connected at the top and open at the bottom in some moments. The contraposition of S-shaped curves generates the openings as an homage/recall to the ogee arches of Islamic architecture.