A stunning wooden pavilion, inspired by Emirati traditions and palm fronds, invites inner reflection, intertwining heritage, sustainability, and architectural brilliance in a captivating tapestry of craftsmanship.

Naseej is a pavilion crafted entirely out of wood and designed specifically as a space for contemplation; providing audiences a moment of pause for introspection and peace whilst drawing connections to nature through an immersive experience with this organic material.

Meaning ‘to weave’ in Arabic, Naseej takes its inspiration from Emirati craftsmanship, with each layer of wood carefully arranged to form a mesmerizing tapestry mirroring the intricate patterns found in Emirati traditional weaving and the elegant geometry of palm tree leaves.

Designed by Emirati architect AlZaina Lootah & Indian architect Sahil Rattha Singh, Naseej is produced in a manner which, once dismantled, allows all the material to be upcycled for future use, ensuring that the pavilion leaves no trace behind, so as to ensure a circular economy model.

Naseej is supported by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture).