The Refugee Housing Unit (RHU), a collaborative project by Better Shelter and UNHCR with support from the IKEA Foundation, provides an easy-to-assemble, durable, and upgradable shelter for emergency response, highlighting innovative design for marginalized communities.

The Refugee Housing Unit (RHU) is the outcome of a collaborative endeavor led by Better Shelter in partnership with UNHCR, generously supported by the IKEA Foundation. This pioneering shelter solution stands as a resilient and transformative response to emergency situations.

Arriving in a convenient flatpack format, the RHU is engineered for rapid assembly, ensuring immediate safety and preserving human dignity during times of crisis. This ingenious and sustainable structure not only serves as an emergency shelter but also transcends its primary purpose, enduring throughout the entire duration of displacement.

The RHU is a shining testament to the power of innovative design harnessed to aid marginalized communities. It exemplifies the capacity of human creativity to address the most pressing needs of those affected by humanitarian emergencies, offering them not just shelter, but a renewed sense of hope and resilience.