'Shaking Sanctuary: Urban Shade' is an urban retreat integrating flexible poles that respond to human touch, mirroring the sway of a forest walk.

"Shaking Sanctuary: Urban Shade" honors the resilient species of the Arabian desert while creating a serene urban oasis. Innovative flexible rods support canopies and create a responsive environment reminiscent of a forest. Visitors' movements influence the rods, fostering an immersive experience.

Patterned canopies draw inspiration from UAE’s native fauna, casting intricate shadows that connect with the local environment. Beyond aesthetics, it offers an authentic forest-like experience in the city center. This installation provides respite, invites nature engagement, and promotes sustainability, aligning with Dubai's vision for a harmonious future.

"Shaking Sanctuary: Urban Shade" extends beyond being an installation; it offers respite and reflection, invites engagement with nature, and celebrates the enduring beauty of the UAE's native species. Through this project, we aim to spark conversations about sustainability and the importance of green spaces in urban design, aligning with Dubai's vision for a harmonious and sustainable future.