'Floating Tekas' by House Of Piranesi is designed as a modular reconfigurable seating for open spaces. The installation is made as a cluster of freestanding seating forms hand-crafted in various colours and materials.

'Floating Tekas' introduces a modular, reconfigurable seating concept tailored for open spaces. Crafted in a spectrum of colors and materials, this installation functions dually as short-term and long-term seating. Its adaptability allows it to grace various open areas such as waterfronts, malls, gardens, parks, traffic islands, and public open spaces. In response to the diverse urban landscapes, a playful arrangement of seat variants accommodates a range of sitting, leaning, and lounging postures. These seating modules are thoughtfully designed, taking into consideration footfall and user group dynamics. The distinctive seat heights foster group gatherings while ensuring privacy, eliminating direct contact between adjacent users.

Reinventing terrazzo as a versatile building material, this installation breathes new life into a traditionally functional element. Terrazzo incorporates a substantial amount of recycled materials, salvaging waste generated from stone and glass production. Stone chips are infused with mica powder or brass glitter and various base cement colors, imparting an aura of opulence. Skilled artisans meticulously handcraft the terrazzo, refining its texture and beauty to perfection. Each block boasts different materials, adding a playful touch and breaking the visual monotony. The option to produce the blocks in the same material maintains aesthetic cohesion within the space.

Adding a whimsical twist to the composition, a clear resin layer is cast at the base, creating an illusion of the seats seemingly floating above the ground. When organized in a large arrangement, this optical trick amplifies curiosity, enticing users to engage with the installation's design.