Orient Design Studio, led by Sara Al Rayyes, passionately preserves Bahrain's pearling heritage by creatively repurposing discarded mother of pearl oysters into architectural wonders, encapsulating the essence of pearl diving and culture in 'Blessings of Iridescence'.

In an ode to her Bahraini heritage, Sara Al Rayyes of Orient Design Studio, harnesses the overlooked treasure of mother-of-pearl oysters, a typically discarded material, in the pearling industry.

Inspired by the experience of Bahraini pearl divers, Blessings of Iridescence looks to honour and preserve an important local industry, by integrating these oysters within an architectural structure, highlighting their natural iridescence, strength and resilience. Using sustainable concrete as a composite material, the installation's various design structures take on forms that represent key visual symbols of the industry – from the curvature of pearling dhows, to the contrasting aesthetic of the oyster shell as both dull and shimmery, through to seating areas that symbolize the pearl itself.

Blessings of Iridescence represents the second chapter of Orient Design Studio's collection, which focuses on preserving culture through a modern and sustainable approach with a touch of originality.