Year 1 Architecture students at Heriot Watt University explore the 'Body-Space Nexus' by designing body masks that define space-making ideologies for a hobby that involves motion.

Within this installation, the interconnected ideas of the body, enclosure, and space take center stage. This connection weaves a dynamic narrative, evolving through time as it explores the interplay between the human form, the enclosing structures, and the surrounding environment.

The interaction between humans and their enclosures shapes their activities and emotions, while the interaction between humans and the unconditioned space surrounding them influences both parties. These intertwined concepts form the core of our exploration.

The students of Heriott Watt University showcase their 'body masks' during Dubai Design Week 2023 at Dubai Design District. These artistic creations are fashioned predominantly from repurposed materials such as water bottles, cardboard, plastic pipes, and clothing hangers.

A diverse range of techniques, from sketching and photography to videography, model making, and architectural drawings, have all contributed to the creation of this installation.