Having spent majority of his years in the UAE, where the vast desert landscape is home to a myriad of plant and animal species, Abdalla Almulla draws deep inspiration from the indigenous Palm tree for the Abwab pavilion of this year. His architectural concept is rooted in the idea of scarcity, prompting him to explore the creative potential of harnessing an existing natural resource for purposes beyond its original intent.

Abdalla's vision for the pavilion is to exemplify how the palm tree, abundantly found in the local environment, can serve multifaceted needs of the community. Beyond its aesthetic and ecological significance, he aims to showcase how this remarkable tree can provide sustenance, offer shelter, yield various products, and even serve as a source of fuel.

The entire pavilion, from its structural components to its interior design and the showcased products, will be meticulously crafted from the versatile palm tree. This holistic approach not only emphasizes the tree's inherent value but also serves as a powerful statement of sustainable design and resourcefulness. Abdalla's project encapsulates the essence of harmonizing natural elements with innovative architectural concepts, fostering a deeper connection between the environment and human ingenuity.