As climate awareness and concerns grow, so do the 'Lurking Questions.'

‘Lurking Questions’ is a physical representation of the slurry of questions we're all thinking about but may not know the answers to. The two lurking fins symbolize the impending threat of climate change and, when viewed together, represent the alarming sea-level rise if we fail to take action.

Composed of interlocked panels made of recycled packaging waste, the installation is etched with crowd-sourced lurking questions, representing how we're all grappling with the same concerns. As sunlight filters through these questions, they get amplified by the play of light and shadow over the landscape, encouraging visitors to pause and reflect, akin to an oasis in a desert.

Designed to stimulate the curiosity of designers, reflective practitioners, and visitors, 'Lurking Questions' is a medium for engagement, promoting reflection on the climate choices we make.

It serves as a humble nudge for reflection on our climate choices, gently encouraging conversations about climate change and fostering a sense of hope for collective action within the community.