TEE VEE EFF's 'Pulp Fractions' ingeniously transforms discarded paper and cardboard into stackable, adaptable structures that harness wind and light, offering sustainable versatility and an inspiring narrative of innovation and aesthetics.

With packaging making up more than one-third of our waste, in part due to the increase of consumerism in recent years, Dubai-based architecture and interior design atelier TEE VEE EFF attempts to salvage discarded waste–particularly from delivery boxes and paper bags–through their installation Pulp Fractions.

Waste cardboard and paper can be processed into a durable and lightweight material when pressed and dried. TEE VEE EFF makes use of this paper pulp as the primary material of Pulp Fractions, poured into a custom mould and dry pressed to form stackable modules. The modules contain grooves, protrusions and extrusions that allow them to be stacked, thus a new sculptural form is created that is both symbolic in its message as well as functional, offering respite in the public realm.