Urban Commissions is Dubai Design Week's annual competition that gives architects and designers the opportunity to develop outdoor furniture in the public domain that follows a responsible and resilient design approach.

2024 Theme

Titled 'Tawila', meaning 'table' in Arabic, this year's theme looks at the table as an enduring emblem of human interaction, serving as a platform for dialogue, creativity and communal experiences. From homes to public spaces, tables serve as unifiers, nurturing connections and facilitating the exchange of ideas and traditions across cultures.

Dubai Design Week invites applicants to explore the table's multifaceted nature, from its historical and cultural roots to its contemporary role in bringing people together. In a world marked by rapid change, the table remains a steadfast focal point where individuals converge to share meals, stories and experiences.

Applicants are encouraged to delve into the table's significance as a central point of gathering, sharing and connection, and to offer fresh and re-imagined interpretations through innovative approaches to materials, shapes and layouts, demonstrating how tables can become vehicles for expressing identity, values and aesthetics.

Deadline for Submissions: 30 June 2024


The winning proposal will be granted a production budget of AED 120,000 to include project development, technical plans, renders and production and installation.

Submission Process

Applicants are required to complete the submission form below which requires providing essential information and the following documents:

  • Proposal concept statement
  • Portfolio of previous works and CV
  • Proposal image references and renders
  • Use of materials
  • Approximate cost to produce and install the proposal
  • Dimensions, space and technical requirements
  • Timeline of project completion

Selection Process

The winning design will be selected by a jury panel of experts in the design field. The panelists will grade proposals based on the predefined criteria, originality of the design and relevance to the competition's theme. The jury panel will include:

  • Ahmad Bukhash, Director - Urban Planning, Dubai Development Authority / Founder, ARCHIDENTITY
  • Robert Shakespeare, Group Design Director, Cracknell
  • Cyril Zammit, Design Consultant and Advisor

Criteria & Conditions

The proposal must:

  • Demonstrate an evident relationship to the theme
  • Adhere to a responsible design approach, taking into account sustainable use of materials and production processes, construction, installation and operational processes
  • Incorporate suitable materials for outdoor use, taking into consideration the year-round weather conditions in Dubai
  • Weight of the final installation must be less than 350kg per square metre
  • Be produced entirely or partially in the UAE
  • Adhere to a well-defined timeline for production with the installation ready for the opening of Dubai Design Week scheduled on 5 November 2024

The applicant must:

  • Be able to confirm ownership of all relevant intellectual property rights associated with the submission
  • Be available for virtual calls with the Dubai Design Week team
  • Be present in Dubai to oversee the production and installation of the proposal