'Trouble' merges data and matter in an interactive sculpture, exploring ecological futures, fostering curiosity about the climate crisis, and promoting harmonious coexistence through innovative design and AI-driven visuals.

In collaboration with Sandhelden, 'Trouble' is an interactive sculpture that melds data and matter to explore future ecological possibilities, aiming to arouse curiosity by revealing the omnipresent climate crisis and seeking reconciliation. This project adopts a design approach rooted in computational and data-driven technologies to contribute to the discourse on design and ecology. It employs innovative procedural methods that blend human and machine intelligence to create harmonious strategies for coexistence.

Central to the installation is the Co2 sand column, generated from a trained generative adversarial network using scrapped Co2 emission cloud imagery. This AI-driven process results in a series of vertically stacked images, intentionally crafted to resemble emission clouds, offering an augmented reality experience through a mobile app. The accompanying timber structure, designed through a synergy of computer and human-aided techniques, supports the cloud column and can be repurposed to create microclimates or reused.

The sculpture's ornamentation, fabrication, and material choices embody a forward-looking, coexistent design philosophy that challenges traditional architectural paradigms, embracing transition influenced by the environment. Utilizing recycled and bio materials, which can be disassembled, relocated, and repurposed, minimizes emissions and aligns with a non-carbon future.

This installation represents ongoing research and aims to engage a broader audience in a grounded and poetic manner. Through its multi-layered materials, fabrication methods, and interactive elements, it serves as a bridge between the vast scale of climate issues and human-scale solutions, illustrating a potential path forward.