Representing both traditional and modern crafts across the MENASEA and Central Asia regions, the Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council is bringing its Hirfati Youth Programme to the Making Space, with a locally-inspired and interactive range of workshops throughout the week.

Hirfati Youth Programme seeks to train and engage with the next generation of designers and artists through a mix of activities that combine traditional and contemporary crafts. Through the Gelli Printing and Talli Workshops, participants will try out a fun printing method called "Gelli" and learn traditional Emirati weaving.

Participants can explore a workshop titled ‘Papermaking with Dried Palm Leaves’, where they can transform existing resources into paper and create custom cards, bookmarks, and more. A Woven ChairWorkshop will give visitors the opportunity to learn the basics and various techniques of weaving. This workshop will inspire participants and create a creative space that emphasizes the importance of sustainability and how it can be linked to the Emirati Safeefah Craft.

For the ‘Plaster Mold & Safeefah’ workshop, participants will be able to design a unique piece of art for their homes using gypsum molds decorated with Emirati Safeefah. Participants can also create their own clay pottery with a touch of Emirati Safeefah. In this workshop, participants can add their own creative touches in clay pottery while also reflect on the beauty of the 'Safeefah and Gold Casting' by the jewellery designer, Alia Bin Omair, inspired by Safeefah.

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