The renowned perfume publisher’s great love for art and design is presented via the work of three diverse Middle Eastern photographers.

In celebration of art and design for Dubai Design Week, sought after French perfume publisher, Frédéric Malle is partnering with Dubai Design Week with an exhibition presenting the work of three different Middle Eastern photographers’ interpretations of “Portrait of the Lady”, one of the most iconic fragrances of his brand. Taking place from November 7-12, the photographers, Malak Kabbani, Amina Zaher and Hayat Osama, will showcase six of their pieces in a customized pop-up concept from the brand in Dubai Design District (d3), highlighting the unique portraits in juxtaposition with Malle’s own iconic style and its affinity towards art and design.

frederick malle .jpg

Born into the world of perfume, with more than thirty years’ experience, Frédéric Malle is the foremost expert in perfumery today. An unconventional and unclassifiable aesthete, he offers artists the opportunity to excel themselves, encourages them to develop their own idiom, and celebrates their creativity.

He believes that every work of art offers its own unique energy and it is this energy combined with the creativity of the artist that makes it desirable to the collector. Malle, in his inspiring way, believes that art has this ability to diffuse its energy through us just as perfumes do and to even through this energy make the beholder or the wearer, better people. Furthermore, he believes that the diffusion of such energy through the power and creativity of scent is what make certain perfumes by Dominique Ropion’s Portrait of a Lady such a success. Combining waves of patchouli, the scent of 400 Turkish roses, incense and blackcurrent, the fragrance is at once alluring and seductive.

Malle sees perfumes as works of art and this special activation during Dubai Design Week does exactly this and more by combining the photographer’s love of art, the Middle East and the endless power of scent.

During the event, the photographers will also be present to engage with guests. Additionally, a series of events and masterclasses throughout the week that will target a range of profiles from VIPs to walk in exhibition visitors. The events will range from an onsite photo studio, one-to-one consultations with fragrance experts, and personalized portraits.