Each year, Dubai Design week includes a diverse range of installations that captivate and inspire visitors.

Exhibitions provided an opportunity for established designers to showcase their latest works, while also fostering an environment that nurtured emerging talents.

Whether you were an industry professional, a design enthusiast, or a curious visitor, the multi-disciplinary exhibitions at Dubai Design Week offered a fusion of showcases that seamlessly blended a diverse range of science, technology, and all design disciplines, including graphic design, material design, architecture, environmental design, textiles, product, and interior design.

Exhibitions this year included:

Materialized by Isola Design

Royal College of Arts Showcase by Royal College of Arts

RETHINK: A Materials Experience by Colab

Round 4: 100/100 Best Hundred Arabic Posters by 421 Arts Campus and 100/100 Best Arabic Posters

Exploration of Sustainability in Architecture across the Past, Present and Future by RIBA Gulf Chapter

Saporiti Design Experience by Saporiti Italia

Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens

Global Grad Show 2023