Founded in 1837, the Royal College of Art is the world's leading university of art and design. Specialising in teaching and research, the RCA offers degrees across the disciplines of architecture, arts & humanities, design and communication.

The Royal College of Art made a significant mark at Dubai Design Week 2023 by presenting a diverse array of more than 20 captivating projects. These innovative creations spanned a wide spectrum, delving into the realms of sustainability, cutting-edge design, and emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moreover, they were intricately interwoven with themes encompassing fashion and textiles, healthcare, urban development, infrastructure, and the restoration of environments.

This compelling collection of works served as a testament to the Royal College of Art's status as a global leader in design innovation. Through these projects, the College passionately explored and pushed the boundaries of design, showcasing its dedication to shaping the future of sustainable, technologically advanced, and culturally resonant creations.