Isola presented its traveling curatorial exhibition “Nothing Happens If Nothing Happens,” a collective featuring circular products and collectible design pieces.

Derived from the theme of the Isola Design Festival in Milan that year, the name itself became a clarion call to all designers and studios, urging them to adopt a tangible shift in their operational methods. This shift, in turn, brought them closer to the multifaceted concept of regeneration.

Within the curated walls, visitors embarked on a journey through a carefully selected array of high-end and distinctive design pieces contributed by Isola's global community of designers. These showcased pieces shone a spotlight on the principles of craftsmanship and regenerative design, emphasizing the harmonious blend of artisanal skill and sustainable innovation.

The venue pulsed as a dynamic hub, welcoming all those who participated in D3 and Dubai Design Week. Knowledge and expertise flowed freely among design professionals and enthusiasts, providing a stage for daily design talks, project presentations, workshops, and networking events, thanks to a fruitful partnership with iGuzzini. The renowned Italian lighting brand also illuminated the space with their innovative system, Libera, introduced during the previous Milan Design Week.

Every aspect of that space, from the project displays to the design bar, exuded a commitment to sustainability. These elements were crafted with recycled plastic, thoughtfully supplied by the event partner, The Good Plastic Company. Moreover, a comfortable lounge area, courtesy of Arper, provided a welcoming retreat for all.

Responsible for the space's design was Tellurico, a design studio hailing from Eindhoven. They left their indelible mark on the installation, "Icebergs in the Desert," created in collaboration with The Good Plastic Company and prominently displayed outside, greeting visitors at the exhibition's entrance.

Deep within that space, the furniture company B&T, the event's generous sponsor, extended an enticing opportunity to designers. With "The Fusion of Form, Function, and Sustainability," they invited creative minds to design a separation unit for this Turkish brand, set to be showcased during Milan Design Week 2024.