100 selected posters from the 4th edition of the prestigious 100/100: Hundred Best Arabic Posters competition, supported by 421. The competition drew global submissions and were displayed at Dubai Design Week, marking an eight-year partnership highlighting the Arab world's visual culture.

The exhibition showcased 100 carefully curated posters, which were chosen through an open call as part of the 4th edition of the prestigious 100/100: Hundred Best Arabic Posters competition, generously supported by 421. This competition attracted submissions from across the globe, spanning over 30 countries. The winning entries were exclusively selected for inclusion in this exhibition.

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The exhibition, previously held at 421, found its home at Dubai Design Week, expanding its reach to a wider audience.The year 2023 marks an extraordinary eight-year partnership between 421 and the 100/100: Hundred Best Arabic Posters initiative. This esteemed competition, initiated by a group of academics and students from Cairo, is dedicated to showcasing the visual culture of the Arab world by identifying and celebrating the region's most outstanding Arabic posters.