Saporiti Italia's "Saporiti Design Experience", inspired emerging talents to reimagine the iconic Miamina armchair, a 1984 reinterpretation of the British army's "Tripolina" folding chair by Milan's Salvati & Tresoldi.

In anticipation of the upcoming opening of its new offices at Dubai Design District, Saporiti Italia presented 'Saporiti Design Experience' in collaboration with Dubai Design District (D3) and the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI). This event marked a substantial contribution to Dubai's thriving design community, fostering direct connections with emerging talents in the city.

'Saporiti Design Experience' served as a creative laboratory for DIDI students, and inspired them to envision the future of a Saporiti Italia classic, the Miamina armchair. Originally designed in 1984 by the renowned Milan architectural firm Salvati & Tresoldi, the Miamina armchair is a modern interpretation of the historic "Tripolina" folding chair used by the British army during North African campaigns.