Dubai Design Week showcased the RIBA Gulf Chapter's Exploration of Sustainability in Architecture across the Past, Present and Future.

This year, Dubai Design Week, was home to a captivating architecture exhibition titled "Sustainability - Past, Present and Future," curated by the esteemed Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Gulf Chapter.

The exhibition presented a compelling journey through time, elucidating the ever-evolving ethos of sustainability architecture in the Gulf region. It delineated this evolution in three poignant segments:

1. The Past: An introspective look into traditional architecture, it unravels the innate sustainability practices of historical buildings from courtyards and wind towers to the recent modern age.

2. The Present: Showcasing the apex of contemporary architectural practices both big and small, buildings from the Gulf that exhibit innovative material use, approach to energy, and the adaptive reuse of buildings, underscoring the modern imperative of environmental harmony.

3. The Future: A speculative dive into the future of design, this segment highlights cutting-edge models and potential trajectories for architecture. Emphasizing a respect for nature, urban resilience, and technological innovations, it sets the stage for a future where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into every facet of design.