The refugee crisis stands as a defining challenge of our era, with more than 110 million people enduring forced displacement. Addressing this humanitarian crisis demands an immediate, comprehensive response from all sectors of society. The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, is appealing to both the private sector and donors to rally behind refugees by participating in the MADE51 pledge.

The MADE51 Pledge

MADE51 urges the private sector to utilize their supply chain and core business strengths to bring positive and lasting impact for refugees.

The pledge will collate the commitments of private sector companies, donors, and MADE51 social enterprise partners to drive economic inclusion of refugees in the artisan sector.


Through collective action, MADE51 aspires to raise commitments totaling to $15 million in refugee-made product orders, thereby affording refugees opportunities to earn income from their craftsmanship, along with $5 million in pro-bono support to enhance market access for these products, and an additional $9 million in funding to facilitate MADE51's operations and expansion into new countries and artisan communities.


Should this commitment come to fruition and be implemented by 2027, the envisioned outcomes encompass 15,000 refugees earning income while working under Fair Trade conditions within social enterprises in their host countries, benefiting 60,000 artisans through increased household income, and reaching over 4 million individuals and 50,000 new customers with products and their associated narratives, thereby contributing to the promotion of acceptance and garnering public support for those who have been forcibly displaced.

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MADE51 provides a sustainable model for social and economic inclusion of refugees. By supporting the MADE51 Pledge, companies and donors will make a significant difference in the lives of refugees who need livelihoods opportunities to sustain themselves and flourish.


Heidi Christ of MADE51, Global Lead at UNHCR quotes,"At MADE51, we are working to bring refugee craftsmanship to the world. Our commitment to building opportunities for refugees, 85% of whom are women, results in impacts that resonate across borders. In each product, refugees are showcasing their cultural heritage and we, in turn, are sharing their stories with the world. We’re proud to collaborate with over 3700 remarkable artisans in 23 countries and believe this is just the beginning. With forced displacement at an all-time high, the work we do is more important than ever: with greater recognition and engagement from companies and individuals there is immense potential to scale. We’re thrilled to participate in Dubai Design Week and have the chance to meet leaders in the design world who will appreciate the incredible skills of refugee artisans and hopefully, be inspired to become part of the solution to the refugee crisis.”

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Join the MADE51 Pledge and make a lasting difference in the lives of refugees.

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MADE51 products will be available for sale at The Art Jameel Space in d3, during Dubai Design Week.