Marketplace at Dubai Design Week is a weekend-long, outdoor retail experience that takes place in Dubai Design District (d3).

The Marketplace presented an even more varied experience, with 80+ brands participating for the first time. It brought together some of the best homegrown small businesses, making it a place of discovery for the whole family to shop, eat, and connect.

At the heart of the Marketplace laid stories of heritage, culture, and craftsmanship, with over half of the brands prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices. It featured fashion from Kenya and Colombia. beachwear from Turkey and Morocco, homeware from Sri Lanka and the UAE, as well as handcrafted jewelry, vegan leather bags, contemporary henna, and unique ceramic designs.

Those seeking to unleash their creative side could engage in sustainable activations suitable for all ages; they could try their hand at the potter's wheel, plant a ghaf seed, build a rocket ship, or engage in some mindful colouring.

For the foodies, d3 was home to some of the most popular eateries and coffee spots, and the Marketplace offered a culinary journey around the world with 15+ homegrown food choices to suit every taste. From handcrafted spicy samosas and South Asian noodles to fresh-baked pizza and West African vegan food, along with specialty coffees, bubble tea, sweet waffles and locally made gelato.