Translating to ‘doors’ in Arabic , Abwab is an annually remodeled headline feature of the Dubai Design Week programme, dedicated to commissioning work from across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, with the objective to promote the region’s talent and stimulate cultural exchange.

Since 2015, Abwab has acted as a united platform for design talent from the UAE and the wider region, inviting visitors into the creative landscapes of neighbouring communities at the heart of Dubai Design Week in Dubai Design District (d3).

Following an open call for the region’s designers and architects to submit proposals for an architectural or design pavilion to be constructed at the centre of Dubai Design District (d3), responding to a theme centered around design installations and their role in shaping public space, the Abwab 2020 commission was awarded to Iraqi designer Hozan Zangana for his proposal ‘Fata Morgana’. Conceptually building a modern-day city in an open-plan arrangement of seating components around a central origin point and with pillars symbolic for each of the seven Emirates, ‘Fata Morgana’ responded to today’s requirement for physical distancing.