Participating in Dubai Design Week for the first time this year, Turquoise Mountain will present an exhibition titled “Kabul Old City – A Visual Journey”, offering the visitors a multi-media experience of Murad Khani; the heart of the Old City of Kabul and a hub of historical and contemporary migrations, where the past and present history of Afghanistan is shaped.

A non-governmental organisation operating primarily in Afghanistan, one of the functions of Turquoise Mountain is to invest in the regeneration of the old city of Kabul and the revival of Afghanistan’s traditional arts and artisan industries, as well as those of other emerging countries.

By exploring both the history and the urban transformation that the area has undergone, the organisation challenges prejudices and misconceptions about Afghanistan, hoping to replace emotions like fear and mistrust with an experience of a culturally rich, welcoming heritage.

For Dubai Design Week 2019, Turquoise Mountain will stage a pop-up exhibition in form of a visual reflection on over a decade of work in design, urban conservation, heritage protection and revitalisation of traditional arts and crafts in collaboration with ICONEM, a startup which specialises in the digitisation of endangered cultural heritage sites in 3D.

“Kabul Old City is an immersive experience of the heart of Afghanistan, and can be a surprising perspective for those who only associate the country with its challenges and strife. We’re excited to participate in Dubai Design Week for the first time; it’s a unique opportunity to present the little known richness of Afghan culture by showcasing its traditions and artefacts in an interactive way.” Said Francesca Recchia, Acting Director for the Institute of Afghan Arts and Architecture.

Homeware furnishings, pottery, and woodwork by artisans from Afghanistan will be presented alongside a selection of Afghan carpets, flooring the entire space to create an informal lounge area.