Among the many highlights of Dubai Design Week’s programme is the much-anticipated UAE Designer Exhibition.

A showcase of established and emerging regional talent from different design disciplines, curated by Cyril Zammit. Taking place in the Downtown Design tent, the exhibition offers creatives a platform for visibility among leading designers from around the globe, whilst expanding and strengthening their audience and professional network.

The space has been designed by the revered Emirati architecture duo at Studio D.04, with a nod to materials used in classical Emirati homes.

Showcases in this exhibition include:

  1. 'The most sustainable furniture.', ANQA Studios
  2. 'Pieces of Past and Present', Amna Alshamsi
  3. 'Noor ala Noor', elNoori
  4. '"Khose" Stool',Dana K. Amro
  5. 'VEE', Nourhan Rahhal
  6. 'KAMBAR كمبار', Zainab Alblooki
  7. 'Palm Veneer',Reem Jeghel
  8. 'MAWJ - جT',Riyad Jouka, MEAN*
  9. 'The Vault', Fatima Alawadhi
  10. 'Sum of Traces', Maryam Elattar
  11. 'Robot Threads', Twofellas
  12. 'Degrees of Love in Arabic Language', Zena Adhami
  13. 'Sediments', Talin Hazbar
  14. 'Mirrorigami', Ali Bahmani
  15. 'Ripple', Ali Bahmani
  16. 'Tafa', Hamza Al-Omari
  17. 'Markab', Hamza Al-Omari
  18. 'Nadd', Hamza Al-Omari
  19. 'NUDI Pink', Raghad Alali