Twofellas is a product design studio that uses 3D printing technology to create unique eco-friendly items that can be used in our daily lives.

In their designs, Twofellas intentionally do not hide the layers that occur due to how 3D printing works. They create home and office accessories with different textures that stand out from typical household items. Their products are printed in the UAE and use locally made recycled PLA plastic.

The “Coral Vase” is a 3D-printed vase that features a pattern inspired by the delicate texture and curves found on different coral reefs. It is a statement on the current state of plastic pollution in the oceans affecting the coral reefs’ habitat.

The other set of products including a vase, desk organizer and candle holder, features a zigzag-like texture which gives it a unique look and feel. This texture is the result of their early experimentation with 3D printing. Their colorful and unique design make these products the perfect fit for any setting.

The UAE Designer Exhibition is a curated showcase of established and emerging regional talent from different design disciplines. Taking place in the Downtown Design tent, the exhibition offers creatives a platform for visibility among leading designers from around the globe, expanding and strengthening their audience and professional network.