Hamza Al-Omari took the Mashq Arabic script as the point of departure for this furniture piece.

Markab (dhow). Al-Omari does not make direct use of the Arabic letters but rather employs the particular Mashq calligraphic structure, the way the letters interact with each other, and their characteristics details and forms to construct an elegant, modern piece of furniture. The elongated connection of the letters that stretch along the horizontal thick baseline, and the way the letters rest on this baseline, give the impression of a dhow carrying goods and passengers.

Markab is an elegant side table that creatively interprets the principles of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic art and appropriates them for the design of contemporary 'Arabic' furniture. In this work, we can see a link to Al-Omari’s old design and a new approach to his creative process.

This structure was inspired by Islamic and Arabic geometry – the repetition of modules to create patterns and new shapes. Seen from the top, the table consists of three circular forms that are joined by a central triangular steel joint, thus forming an organic flower-like shape. The three legs give the table its stability, yet their elegant tapering from thin to thick as they meet the flat surface of the glass is an impressionistic, three-dimensional rendering of the high-contrast calligraphic strokes, the subtle curves, and the elongated, yet adaptable, connections of the Mashq letters.

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