‘Nadd’ came into realisation intending to be a close study of an object ingrained in tradition.

Hamza Al-Omari did not set out to invent, but rather to innovate on a cultural cue to fit a contemporary environment. Functionality is paramount; looking into a decade’s worth of artisanal Midkhans has informed the main aspects of this design. The inclusion of a handle and the allowance of sufficient air circulation directly result from this research.

As part of his ethos, Al-Omari used the latest design technology tools to achieve his goals. Dubai has become the beating heart of design in the Middle East, and with it as the backdrop, ‘Nadd’ found its identity. With the intention of re-exploring a cultural object, ‘Nadd’ redefines the traditional Midkhan and creates an aesthetic that fits our contemporary lifestyle. ‘Nadd’ is the exciting overlap between modern materials and production with traditional Middle Eastern inspiration.

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