Inspected, gathered, collected, lifted, pulled out, untangled, cleaned, cut, piled again, and then compressed; the piece aims to reimagine the seabed and rebuild the coastlines.

These organised, piled structure slabs, are formed in a simple unit creating a linear structure. The piece aims to bring conversation on ecology, environment, common space and social aspects into existence.

Between land and sea, the tools become suspended in space and time. Sediments features ghost gear as its primary material, which tells the story of its working lifetime and its time lost at sea. These piles serve as a record, to showcase the time they have been lost, and the span, height and length they occupied in the seabed, developing from a woven transparent light structure to heavy piles left to age in the sea.

Sediments is a collective effort realised with the help and support of the Dubai Voluntary Diving team, in the rope gathering and collection and throughout the process. It was commissioned by ADMAF for Portrait of a Nation II: Beyond Narratives, curated by Maya El Khalil, and co-curated by Roxane Zand.

The UAE Designer Exhibition is a curated showcase of established and emerging regional talent from different design disciplines. Taking place in the Downtown Design tent, the exhibition offers creatives a platform for visibility among leading designers from around the globe, expanding and strengthening their audience and professional network.