Tafa, meaning “to float” in Arabic, celebrates an element of play in our otherwise increasingly “grown-up” interiors.

The chair is designed to create a sense of fascination and curiosity as people begin to examine what appears to be a continuous strand of bent solid oak. The chair’s main focal point is its “floating” seat pan. In order to achieve this cantilever, the frame’s joints have been carefully designed, engineered, and tested to handle repeated strain, creating a design that leaves people to wonder how it effortlessly supports them.

Ergonomics and comfort are two of the main factors shaping the chair’s form. The decision to design a lounge chair was intentional in order to carry its “laid-back” or “playful” concept through to its use.

Tafa is designed for use in social gatherings and unwinding spaces. With its minimalist design, Tafa has the ability to be in place in a variety of rooms and styles without clashing or competing with its surrounding.

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