An exploration of the true self spurred on by a sense of the unknown.

‘Flow’ explores finding our path and the light within. In a constant search of connection with the self, nature, and others prompted by a need to grow, ‘Intertwine’ illuminates nurturing our connections with an open mind. In a contemplation of our sense of existence, ‘Radiate’ reveals the magnitude of our energy in congruence with our reflections.

‘Sum of Traces’ is an effort to trace the human experience and dissect the unseen. It is an exploration of clay as a canvas of endless possibilities bringing 'Flow', 'Intertwine' and 'Radiate' in a form of permanence.

The UAE Designer Exhibition is a curated showcase of established and emerging regional talent from different design disciplines. Taking place in the Downtown Design tent, the exhibition offers creatives a platform for visibility among leading designers from around the globe, expanding and strengthening their audience and professional network.