Our physical space is over 10,000 years old. Over the last 100 years we started designing products and more recently, experiences.

But what about cultures? Will we truly have the impact we aspire to (on people and the planet) if we do not look at who is designing and shaping the values, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and cultures of our organizations, and more importantly, our societies?

In this masterclass led by cultural transfiguration expert and spiritual healer Nikola Jurisic, she:

  • Looked at some of the most impactful examples over the past 150 years
  • Shared a range of tools visitors can use in their own context
  • Revealed the secret ingredient of cultural transfiguration

As the closing session, this was also an opportunity to distill the inspiration visitors took with them from Dubai Design Week.

Registrations are now closed.

About Nikola Jurisic

Nikola Jurisic is a leading expert in cultural transfiguration – a complete change in the form or nature of a culture into a more beautiful or spiritual state.

He has worked with McKinsey for 14 years, leading culture and change work across the globe and advising over 200 organizations across the public and private sectors. He is a Newfield and ICF certified life coach, an Aberkyn and GBA trained facilitator of transformation and a Damanhur University graduated spiritual healer.

He is now establishing Project Light, a movement supporting leaders with knowledge and tools to bring their own awakening to the systems they lead.

Image Courtesy: Jason Leung