A giant heart beats in d3, made up of 3248 pieces of ROCA porcelain sanitary ware.

Designing sustainable buildings and objects is showing love and care for the environment and society, an enlightenment which originates from the heart. ROCA commissions Bet Cantallops and Pere Ortega from Saeta Estudi to produce a human heart from thousands of it’s porcelain products, in an expression of re-use to parallel the values of ROCA; innovation, design and sustainability.

About ROCA x Saeta Estudi

Bet Cantallops and Pere Ortega, architects, studied at ETSA Barcelona and founded Saeta in 1994.

Saeta is an architecture studio open to any experience related to culture, design and art. Their working philosophy is modern, honest and close to crafts.

ROCA is a leading bathroom brand committed to sustainability, design and innovation.