One part of the Matter of Fact touring exhibition Talin Hasbar’s contribution ‘Three Landscape Slices from the UAE’ debuts at Dubai Design Week 2018.

Matter of Fact asked nine international designers to put forward an object that they think encapsulates 2018, to be displayed within Bisley’s conceptual cabinets, designed as a piece of furniture for the home, in which households of the future will place their most cherished objects.

The pieces displayed are thin slices of landscape from various regions and terrains in the United Arab Emirates. By suspending these slithers in time and space, constraining natural formations in a square, the aim is to contemplate vast landscapes on a micro scale.

About Talin Hasbar

Talin Hazbar is based in the UAE and works across architecture, art and design inspired by the materiality and landscape of the desert. She has exhibited at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Dubai Design Week, Design Days Dubai and took part in the Rhode Island School of Design’s Emerging Artists Fellowship programme in 2015.