Mirage Project Point presents Phil Pond from Scarlet Opus to give a insights into design trends for the World Expo in Dubai in 2020.

Question, challenge and probe the future of design thinking, and discover which key colours, textures, materials and styles will be on trend for interiors in 2020 in residential spaces, workplaces, hospitality and education.

About Scarlet Opus
Scarlet Opus is a Trend Intelligence Agency working internationally with manufacturers, retailers, interior designers, architects, and consumer/trade press. It forecasts what will be in fashion in the world of interiors and what consumers and end users will want, need and desire three to five years in advance. The agency focuses specifically on lifestyle, patterns, textures, materials, colours and shapes.

About Mirage Project Point
Mirage Project Point is a multifunctional and innovative space created to inspire architects, designers and consultants in the building industry, allowing them to view and obtain samples of Mirage porcelain stoneware products, discover customised technical solutions, and experiment with different combinations of colours and finishes. These products range from wall coverings and raised floors to outdoor solutions. Mirage Project Point is equipped to host training seminars, workshops, meetings and project presentations.

Sponsor Information
Scarlet Opus is a UK based Trend Forecasting Agency and Phil Pond has been translating trend intelligence for retailers and manufacturers across the world since 2007