This workshop hosted by Jaffat El Aqlam is aimed at anyone who wants a simple introduction to the world of zines, a radical form of expression in print-based media.

Zines are generally short, self-published works that are made for self-expression, not for profit. For this workshop, participants are encouraged to bring old magazines, journal entries, found objects, and old books for collaging. Participants will be working with different, sometimes unconventional, materials like washi tape, glitter, collected objects, and stickers. They will learn how to organise content, design spreads to a specific theme (memory, colour, idea, etc.), and put the spreads together to create a self-published zine to take home.

Recommended for ages 15+.

Free Entry.

Limited spaces. RSVP to

About Jaffat El Aqlam
Jaffat El Aqlam is an Arabic phrase that loosely translates as ‘Dried Out Pens’, a name alluding to the gradual disappearance of traditional media. It is an independent platform that celebrates artistic creations by humans from, and based in, the MENA region, and promotes its digital existence through zines, open calls, workshops, and collaborative dialogue.

Established in 2014, Jaffat El Aqlam has grown to become an open space where artists, designers, writers, musicians, poets, start-ups and researchers promote their work and explore the identities of those within and outside of the MENA region.