Supported by A.R.M. Holding, the annually themed Dubai Design Week design competition Urban Commissions presents the opportunity for creatives in the region to produce an urban design feature or product, unveiled at Dubai Design Week in November.

This year’s theme is centred around ‘playfulness’, calling on creatives, designers and architects around the region to submit their proposals for public space interventions primarily catering to wellbeing and promoting a positive narrative.

In the face of recent global challenges and repeated lockdowns shifting the nature of interaction between people and public spaces, designers and architects are asked to look at these areas in a playful way to safely reinstate social relations and increase the levels of happiness for users through an interactive public space intervention.

The winning proposal will be produced and unveiled at Dubai Design Week in d3, 8-13 November, with the intention of showcasing its potential if implemented on a larger scale; the afterlife of the installation staged at Dubai Design Week should be considered.


  • Proposals do not need to be age-specific and can include children and adults alike
  • Accessibility for people of special needs and determination should be considered
  • Submissions must meet relevant standards for the health and safety of users
  • Integration of smart technologies (Sensors, RFID, Connectivity to mobile apps etc.) is encouraged
  • Proposed installations should be interactive and engaging and/or multi-sensorial, activating multiple functions (musical, visual, physical)
  • Installations should be built in a responsible way, considering recycling, upcycling or reusing materials and repurposing of existing city infrastructure is welcome, if possible
  • Ideas of long-term purpose of the proposed concepts should be included in the initial concept submitted, and can include potential location and/or collaboration on where the installations can be implemented in urban environments, communities or districts


The winning proposal will be awarded AED 60,000 plus AED 40,000 production fees, including all project development technical plans, renders and production management and supervision. Proposals received will be reviewed by a jury of experts comprising directors from A.R.M. Holding and the Art Dubai Group.

For more information, please reach out to