Architect Jennie Binchy co-founded her award-winning interior design practice Binchy and Binchy in 2016, and will show a number of pieces at this year's Downtown Editions, including tables made of recycled paper and magazines

"We have distilled the design philosophies of a series of our architectural and interior projects into bespoke art pieces that can be used as tables or ‘decorative plinths’, which we will show at Downtown Design, within Downtown Editions", she comments on her designs that will show at this year's fair.

Speaking to the methods of production, "The bases of some of the tables are made from recycled magazines and newspaper that have been compressed, using a bespoke method and then turned or carved. The printed material, the ideas, editorials and photographs embedded in the pages are pressed and cut like a historic archive that has been transformed into stone or concrete"

Binchy and Binchy have worked with three brands to create bespoke pieces for Downtown Editions. Kvadrat Maharam has been engaged, to create two tables, entitled 'Grey is not Grey', with the brands signature monochrome fabrics expanded further through texture and patterns. Carpet company Expressions have collaborated with the brand to create the first in a series of designs, which depicts the symbology of the Ghaf tree, for the 2019 Year of Tolerance. A further collaboration piece is a table made from carved lava stone, by Ranieri Lava Stone, Italy and Surface 11, Dubai, translating the design philosophy of one of Binchy & Binchy's hospitality projects into one piece of art.

Catch Binchy and Binchy at Downtown Editions, from 12-15 November 2019