Dedicated to creating spaces that draw a dialogue through architectural gestures, sensorial earthy materiality, and detailing, founders of Dubai-based Bone Studio Achraf Mzily and Natalie Mahakian work to bring artisanal craft to international and regional projects across the commercial, residential and landscaping sectors.

From its inception in 2018, the team aims to eliminate the excess and focus instead on essential form, rejecting all conventional design stereotypes. The practice freely explores, yet methodically studies every theoretical and tangible aspect of design.

“The approach breaks away from the expected and perceived function, as we aim to design novel spaces that can serve different purposes — reinterpreting the way common spaces are defined,” the architectural duo said. “We are interested in the impressions spaces leave. Spaces with given ephemeral functions that, however, retain embedded grounded identities.”

Recently completing Terra, a Mediterranean eatery reminiscent of a lush courtyard in Dubai that successfully blends architecture and craftsmanship, Bone will soon begin construction on some F&B concepts located in Dubai Design District and Alserkal Avenue. The studio’s portfolio currently holds a mix of interesting projects in hospitality, residential and industrial design.