Through a series of indoor installations, this exhibition will take you through the theme of Design With Impact using materials that matter.

The indoor installations demonstrate the positive impact design can have on the environment by underscoring prominent environmental issues, symbolising the opportunity created by recycling and providing a platform for cutting-edge material innovations.

Installations in this exhibition include:

  1. 'HYPAR', Ali Bahmani and Fahimeh Pakenjad
  2. 'Home-dreaming', Ahed Al Kathiri
  3. 'Βύβλος', Aya Moug
  4. 'WDTX', Batoul AL-Rashdan
  5. 'Second Life', Iman Ibrahim
  6. 'Mineral Landscapes', Mohamed Rowaizak
  7. 'Emerging لُوفهْ Life', Noor Taan
  8. 'ParaBrick', Dr. Aref Maksoud and Students at the University of Sharjah College of Engineering and Architectural Engineering Department
  9. 'Seven Cypresses (Seven SARV)', Banafsheh Hemmati
  10. 'SOLAR', Rania Elkalla
  11. 'GRIDS', Deepak Jangra
  12. 'Dual Cast', Kawther Alsaffar
  13. 'Desert Cast', Kawther Alsaffar & Jassim AlNashimi x Design Space 1971
  14. 'Double J Collective',Vanessa Barragão, André Teoman and Ana Rita Pires