Through this platform and exhibitions, the world of fine crafts and collectable design objects is shown, seeking to continually expand the limits of creativity.

Vanessa Barragão, André Teoman and Ana Rita Pires present high quality works, while focusing on the dissemination, promotion and outreach in the Arabian Gulf. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are their initial location in the United Arab Emirates - UAE.

With a global growing demand for this specific type of art and design pieces, they have an established collective of artists and designers that allows their project to source and present works of unlimited creativity and of the highest levels of artistic and technical capacity. To accomplish this, they connect artists and designers to a network of highly skilled and high-end producers, makers and crafters in various domains and techniques. Their main goal is encouraging the dialogue between arts, design and crafts in order to break barriers, defy techniques and skills and generate unique collectable objects.