ParaBrick implements supervised parametric design in brick design, architecture, art, materials, and sustainability.

The installation is an exploration of different ways to generate brick wall designs through the translation of information-based and driven morphogenetic processes via digital tools. It investigates various methods of representing ideas through art concepts and patterns, in order to configure architectural spaces.

The installation shows the impact of the digital era on architecture, design, and art, reflecting the UAE’s culture, humanity, technology, and design through the eyes of the future.

More than 20 designs were filtered, with the best selected by the team to build the final installation, designed by Hessa Hassan Ali Ibrahim Alhosani and developed by:

Klaithem Abdalla Nasir Abdalla Alowais, Sara Alsatli, Maryam Ahmad Saeed Khalaf Alghaith, Alya Ahmed Rashid Ahmed Almualla, Leen Alsyouf, Elshaimaa Ahmed Soliman, Sarah Isam Abdul-Rahman Alawneh, Jumanah Alqudaihi, Ihdaa Budairi, Salwa Elmaghraby, Maryam Mohammad Abdulla Abdulrahman Almohammad, Hanan Alsahin, Leena Tatan, Ragd Al Harbat, Joud Al-Saht, Nouf Salem Obaid Salem Alyileili, Tasnim Sayed Abdelaal Abdelaziz Mohamed, and Rghed Al Chaghouri.