As an introduction to upcycling, this workshop aimed to reframe how we think about single-use packaging. Participants transformed waste into art using embroidery and quilting techniques.

Embroidery’s background is as diverse as our wonderful city: nearly every culture around the world has developed it’s own version of the artform. Yet, despite its long-standing tradtion (the earliest known traces date back to 30000 BC) there is still room for innovation through the incorporation of unexpected materials.

During this 2 hour workshop, participants upcycled discarded packaging into modern artwork using traditional quilting patterns and embroidery techniques.

Once participants selected a color range within the assortment of material, they traced and cut the components of a quilting pattern. After the design was assembled, they appliqué layers together using a “blanket stitch” technique to complete the quilting block.

This workshop was recommended for ages 15+

Fees: 50 AED

About Glitches & Stitches

Glitches & Stitches is a homegrown brand focused on promoting the value of craftsmanship and artisanal skills. In addition to a capsule collection of hand embellished textile accessories, they also host a number of creativity-focused workshops in Dubai such as textile printing and hand embroidery and DIY cosmetics.

Launched in 2018, G&S is the brainchild of designer Natalya Konforti. After spending 8 years China’s fast fashion industry designing garments manufactured by the hundreds of thousands, she yearned for the soul & personality of artisanal craftsmanship. Upon moving to Dubai, she decided to leverage the skills honed developing samples to help other ‘design junkies’ become self-sufficient.