Tanween by Tashkeel nurtures the UAE design aesthetic with a unique presentation of commercially available, limited edition pieces inspired by, designed and manufactured in the UAE that integrate traditional crafts and contemporary design. Created by emerging designers supported by Tashkeel for over 7 years, the exhibition included premieres by Nada Abu Shaqra, Lina Ghalib and Neda Salmanpur.

Since 2013, the Tanween design programme has invested in 35 limited edition pieces by 26 UAE-based emerging designers. This limited-edition furniture and lighting pieces integrate traditional crafts and contemporary design practice, often using innovative applications of traditional materials (camel leather, Fujairah stone, coral, sand, arish) and techniques including khoos and sadu that are integral to UAE identity.
This year’s highlight was the world premiere of pieces by Nada Abu Shaqra, Lina Ghalib and Neda Salmanpur, marking the culmination of the seventh Tanween design programme.

Nada Abu Shaqra’s high back Hisn chair was inspired by the UAE vernacular architecture integrating locally sourced terracotta with modern manufacturing techniques. Inspired by heritage and sustainability, Lina Ghalib’s Yereed bench-seat featured a new and innovative application of arish offering new design possibilities for this local material. While Neda Salmanpur’s ceiling light drew on muqarnas and calligraphy to create a non-traditional form using 3D printing.