Visitors discovered the basics of leather crafting while making their own customised Notebook or Plant Hanger.

Participants learnt step by step how to create their own unique leather goods using up cycled and chemical free Camel leather produced in the UAE. Participants were given the choice to assemble a plant hanger or a notebook. They choose the color of the leather, cut out the pattern and prepared the leather, and used the saddle stitching technique to assemble the product. Finally participants customized the design the way they wanted with leather punch, rivets or embossing letters.

This workshop was recommended for ages 15+

Fees: AED 75

About Hello Makers!

Hello Makers! is a nomad creative studio around leather crafting created in 2018 by Victoire, French architect passionate about DIY and Design. Join a session and create your unique leather good in a few hours. Because we want to make you proud of your creations, we assIst you step by step to unleash the creative you and we offer many options to customise your item.

We use up-cycled & chemical-fee Camel leather produced in the UAE. We offer a large range of workshops (bags, espadrilles, decoration) for individuals, groups and corporates.