Designed by Anarchitect for a key pedestrian entrance to d3, Circadian Light Synthesis highlights the human relationship with natural light – both from the sun and the moon.

Created in a partnership with Delta Light and Matteo Brioni, and built by Dubai based Abanos, the Circadian Light Synthesis installation is composed of two interconnected pavilions which highlight different positions, colour temperatures and intensity of sunlight that dictate human's natural body-clock.

The southern 'exposed' pavilion is open-sided, housing seating for visitors and doubling up as a shaded structure. Its wall and roof apertures are  oriented in line with the sun’s path, harnessing its intense light particularly at midday (12pm), afternoon (3pm) and sunset (6pm) to cast specific shadows.

The northern 'enclosed' pavilion will be predominantly closed and lit with Delta Light’s ‘artificial sun’. In the daytime, the rotating light fixture will cast artificial sunlight into the pavilion in accordance with the natural rhythm of the sun. At night, the light fixture will rotate to project moonlight into the pavilion, with the other side projecting light onto the exposed pavilion, creating shadows and light play after sunset.