Designed by Anarchitect for a key pedestrian entrance to d3, Circadian Light Synthesis highlights the human relationship with natural light – both from the sun and the moon.

The installation is composed of two interconnected pavilions which highlight different positions, colour temperatures and intensity of sunlight that dictate our bodies natural clock.

The southern 'exposed' pavilion is open-sided, housing seating for visitors and doubling up as a shaded structure. Its wall and roof apertures are oriented in line with the sun’s path, harnessing its intense light particularly at midday (12pm), afternoon (3pm) and sunset (6pm) to cast specific shadows.

The northern 'enclosed' pavilion is predominantly closed and lit with Delta Light’s ‘artificial sun’. In the daytime, the rotating light fixture casts artificial sunlight into the pavilion in accordance with the natural rhythm of the sun. At night, the light fixture rotates to project moonlight into the pavilion, with the other side projecting light onto the exposed pavilion, creating a play on light and shadows after sunset.

Circadian Light Synthesis has been made possible through partnerships with:

Abanos: one of the largest and most reliable holistic interior fit-out and joinery companies in the UAE, with a track-record of delivering high-quality and tailor-made projects, all fabricated at its state-of-the-art production facilities

Prime Metal Industries (PMI): one of the most committed companies operating in the UAE for more than 3 decades,with a track record of delivering landmark and high-quality projects, while providing innovative design and technical expertise for all types of metal and aluminium works using its state-of-the-art production facility.

Delta Light: The Belgian family business that designs & manufacture architectural lighting through collaborations with architects, designers, contractors and investors to integrate light into their projects.

Matteo Brioni: An Italian company specialising in natural surface finishes, using natural clays (raw earth) as the primary material for architecture and interior design.

ANARCHITECT is an award-winning architecture, interior architecture and design practice based in Dubai and London that specializes in delivering bespoke projects for private and corporate clients. Their diverse portfolio of built work spans residential, leisure, hospitality, workplace and culture throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Founded in 2013 by British architect Jonathan Ashmore, the practice works across varied scales with a focus on craft, detail and materiality for both architecture and interior projects. The practice recently became one of the first Internationally RIBA Chartered practices outside of the UK while still remaining a boutique and design-driven office.