People’s choice Awards: Global Grad Show’s top 5 visitor favourites

Reflecting back at the third edition of Global Grad Show, we have rounded up the visitor votes and highlight below the top 5 projects that were voted by visitors as their favourite:


5. Shelter Bench | Alia Al Mazrooei, Zayed University

 The Shelter Bench is a resting place for workers in industrial areas, and provides a structure designed for socializing, resting and covering from both sun and rain. Its shape recreates the informal style of the current conditions while attaching a convenient bike stand and storage compartments. Shelter Bend provides a new urban architecture that reiterates the importance of social and comforting breaks for industrial workers.


4. EasyKU | Moojin joh, Chanwook Kim, and Hankyung Kim, KAIST

EasyKu is an attachable device that enables the user to play the ukulele immediately, replacing the difficulty of strings with simple buttons and lines. Compatible with any ukulele, the five-chord device fastens to the fret board and uses a configuration of buttons to correspond to chords, making complex notes easier to grasp.  EasyKu also offers an online component, storing specifically designed digital music sheets that allow users to make and share their own compositions. 


3.  Smile Mirror | Berk Ilhan, School of Visual Arts

Smile Mirror is a smart and emotional mirror that allows users to see themselves only when they smile. Initially designed for cancer patients, Smile Mirror aims to remind and encourage people to smile more often, and to view themselves smiling. Studies show that making a facial expression such as a smile can produce effects on the body that are similar to those resulting from the smile’s associated emotion of happiness. Through the combination of a glass mirror, a camera to detect facial movement and a processor board, Smile Mirror automates a therapeutic practice by providing a new way for people to express our most positive and loving selves.


2.  Black Light Mirror | Sandra Pihlak, Central Saint Martins

The Blacklight Mirror is an electronic device that highlights the extent of UV light damage to the user’s skin in real time. Using black light, a flash source that can display markings on the skin not visible to the human eye, the mirror unveils potentially harmful blemishes and marks that could otherwise go unattended. Installing the Blacklight Mirror in accessible public places, such as city centres and beaches, enables users to efficiently and regularly check any skin damage caused by UV light. Such accessibility could lead to greater awareness and the early diagnosis of common skin defects caused by UV radiation, including certain skin cancers. 


1. Golzinho | Artur Porto from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Golzinho is a portable pop-up goal for Brazilian street football. While regular goals anchor into soft grass with pegs, Golzhino has two tanks on either side of the base. Users fill these tanks with either sand or water to provide weight, ensuring that the goal is stable on hard surfaces. The crossbar, two posts and base come apart with quickly released levers, while the tanks empty to allow for easy transport when the game is over. Golzinho continues the long tradition of Brazilian street football, while enabling a more authentic and flexible experience.