Middle East: Design Now! d3’s exhibition outshines in London

D3’s latest exhibition which premiered at London’s DesignJunction showcased works by 18 regional designers, shining a light on the design talent emerging from the Middle East. The exhibition, co-curated by Suzanne Trocmé, emphasized traditional materials and design methodologies in a modern day context, offering an insight into how memory and DNA play a part in the creation of contemporary artefacts and graphics.

The works on display were selected from across the Middle East, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. From the UAE, Aljoud Lootah and Alia Al Mazrooei presented bespoke furniture, while Gafla displayed statement jewelery pieces; flying the flag for Saudi Arabia, Ayah Al Bitar showcased her modular seating pieces; From North Africa, Chacha Atallah from Tunisia and Younes Duret from Morocco presented bold interior designs; while Salsabel Amin and Cherif Morsi presented a range of works, including lighting fixtures from Egypt.

The exhibition highlighted a broad spectrum of design disciples and created a mainstage for the world to explore the contemporary design aesthetic that is burgeoning from the Middle East. Sticking to d3’s ethos of being a platform for regional designers, the exhibition represented a manifestation of the diverse number of talents from across the region and who represent the dynamic and skilled community who already call d3 home.